Case Managers Impact Hospital Readmissions

Case Managers Impact Hospital Readmissions

Case managers when utilized appropriately can reduce hospital readmissions and deliver more coordinated care in the emergency department, according to a newly published white paper from Huron Healthcare.


With Medexi, case managers now have the real-time ability to conduct alerts to transitional care teams while enhancing communications amongst the primary care physician and transitional care provider. More importantly, care teams are rallied around patients who face 30-day readmissions in real-time, while the patient is in the emergency department – before the readmission takes place!

More than ever, primary care physicians are relying upon the emergency department to evaluate their patients. Hospital readmissions have increased by 17 percent over the past seven years, which is a symptom of information gaps that exists with the disconnect between hospital encounters and community physicians.

A Merritt Hawkins report found primary care doctors generate more revenue for their hospitals than specialists — $1.57 million vs $1.42 million, respectively. Thus, the RAND report recommends that hospital administrators, policymakers, payers and federal research agencies understand the role of the emergency department as it relates to care coordination.

With Medexi Inform, the entire circle of care is notified upon a patients entrance into the emergency department. Our patent-pending algorithm identifies high-risk 30-day readmissions so that transitional care teams may be rallied prior to admission. Medexi Care delivers real-time patient data to the primary care physician such as: HPI, Labs, Radiographic Findings, Prescriptions, Discharge Instructions and communication from the transitional care team through Medexi Bridge.

Rather than relying upon retrospective data, Medexi Reporter allows for real-time metrics and predictive modeling to better future outcomes. Track readmissions, admissions avoided, diagnosis, provider involvement and much more!

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