Why Medexi

Responding to a New Direction

Developed in response to the 2012 implementation of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, the Medexi 360 System provides hospitals and care facilities with the ability to more effectively care for and subsequently discharge its patients. Results include the reduction of readmissions by up to 40% in ‘real world’ settings and increases in patient satisfaction of 75%.

Through the use of the Medexi suite of applications, the patent-pending SaaS platform streamlines and promotes health care information exchange, overcomes possible patient care fragmentations, and educates and empowers the patient. The system has been designed as a powerful and intuitive browser based functionality that also provides easy integration within a variety of software systems.

The four suites of applications, Medexi Inform, Medexi Bridge, and Medexi Reporter, all work in unison to allow for total patient care. Combined with a proven transitional care model which integrates the use of transitional care coaches, the ‘human element’, which allows the Medexi 360 System to be truly innovative and in a class by itself.

  • The Medexi Advantage
  • Improving Patient Care
  • Reducing Hospital Readmissions
  • Decreasing Health Care Costs
  • Decreasing Administrative Costs & Overhead
  • Increasing Referral Revenue